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Company Profile


ELBA HOUSE reaped the fruits of a solid foundation and 50 long years of hard work and experience since the establishment of its industrial compound in Jordan. It started production in the industry of prefabricated buildings and steel structures then added a new line for manufacturing of transport vehicles like trailers, low-beds, tippers, tankers and other vehicles.


In the late Eighties, a new technology was introduced to the company’s steel production lines that in turn joined the industry of petrochemical complexes and oil storage tanks.



As a result of its continued efforts to further develop and diversify its industries, it finally succeeded in adding yet another production line, the Bus-Body Building. The company obtained the necessary know-how and expertise for this industry from “Auwaerter”, a renowned international German firm with a long experience in the field.



From 1992 onwards, ELBA has been manufacturing Bus-Bodies in accordance with the required specifications of different types of chassis, such as MERCEDES, M.A.N, SCANIA, IVECO, TATA, MITSUBISHI, TOYOTA, VOLVO, ISUZU and others. The company also adopted the latest state of art technologies and modern designs in this industry ensuring full compliance with international European standards (EEC and ECE), regional Gulf standards (GSO) and specifications.

Moreover optimal passengers safety standards in collision and rollover accidents are carefully studied and weighted by the company’s engineering team implementing an accredited European Standards using the finite element analysis software (FEA) and (CAE) tools, thus achieving the requirements that  meets European standard (ECE R66).



A fully equipped modern maintenance center has been established in order to carry out the needed maintenance work on the company’s manufactured vehicles as well as to keep up with the needs and after-sales services of its customers. The maintenance center which is supervised by a group of qualified engineers and technicians can also supply customers with spare parts forELBA’s manufactured vehicles.



Van and Box type ambulance vehicles were released in 1999 and built over chassis as Mercedes, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Citroen, etc…


The headquarters and factories are located in Amman, with a total area of 100,000 square meters. The constructed area is approximately 50,000 square meters on which stand various office blocks and buildings which are used as factories and warehouses.




Over 600 Jordanian professionals are employed by the company  from which around 50 are qualified engineers who are specialized in bus production, development, maintenance and other related services.


The latest state of art technologies to achieve its ambitious  industrial goals are used to maintain ELBA’s high standards which enabled the company to increase its production to (500) units of different types of vehicles per year.






ELBA has obtained ISO 9002 Certificate No. 960576 in January 1999. Subsequently, the Quality Management System was upgraded, and ELBA HOUSE became certified to ISO 9001:2015.